How to Cook Yummy Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi)

easter rabbits and eggs jouyo manju wagashi recipe main photo

Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi).

Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi) You can have Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi) using 5 ingredients and 15 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi)

  1. Prepare 40 g of Grated Yamaimo (Yam).
  2. It’s 80 g of Sugar.
  3. You need 50-55 of gJouyo-ko (fine rice flour).
  4. Prepare 100 g of Koshi-an (Red beam jam).
  5. You need of +Food colorings.

Easter Rabbits and Eggs- Jouyo Manju (Wagashi) step by step

  1. Ingredients for 10 pieces. *Grated Yam 40g = 10g Yam powder + 30ml Water.
  2. Utensils.
  3. Make dough. Add the sugar into the grated Yamaimo. Mix them. Put the Yamaimo mixture into the jouyo-ko(rice flower)..
  4. Put the jouyo-ko(rice flower) onto the yamaimo mixture and fold it. Mix them until the dough becomes like "squeezing an earlobe". Divide the dough into 10..
  5. Wrap a beam jam ball with the dough..
  6. Make it oval. Do same things to make 10 oval buns..
  7. Make Rabbits. Make a head with chopsticks..
  8. Make ears..
  9. Make ears. Do the same thing (No.7-No.9) and make 6 Rabbits. Leave 4 for eggs..
  10. .
  11. Dissolve the blue food coloring with in a little water. Paint a rabbit's nose. Dissolve the blue food coloring, the purple food coloring and a little Jouyo-ko (rice flour) in a little water. Put rabbit's eyes..
  12. Decorate the 4 oval buns like Easter eggs..
  13. Put them in a steamer and spray water over them..
  14. Steam them for 8minuites..
  15. Then cool them down (with a cotton clothes cover not to get dry)..

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